Welcome to Croydon Tabernacle

Reconciling the Individual, The Community and The Nations back to God

Our Weekly Services


Early Bird Service holds. This service fits into the lifestyle of our members with other commitments during the later hours of Sunday or those who would like to start their day with worship before other activities.

SUNDAY 10:30AM – 11:15AM

Rhema Zone is a period of learning and digging deep into the Bible on a Sunday morning. This discussion-led forum uses an International Sunday School manual which is well researched and tackles issues which are relevant to our Christian life today.

SUNDAY 11:15AM – 1:15PM

11:15-1:30PM on Thanksgiving Sunday (First Sundays of the Month)

This service is a wonderful time for everyone to come together in fellowship on a Sunday. It is open to everyone and an awesome opportunity for people to come together as a family to be refreshed in the presence of The Lord for the coming week.


As the name suggests; our Bible study class is a school studying topical issues from the Bible with relevance to modern Christian living. Foundational and advanced issues are discussed weekly.

FRIDAYS 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Communion Service 2nd Fridays, Vigil: Last Fridays 10:00PM – 2:00AM

At Croydon Tabernacle, prayer is a core function we undertake as a Church and a family unit. Every Friday, we all come together to agree in the place of prayer on personal and community issues. We seek the face of God at these meetings and are blessed with mind blowing testimonies.

CT @ HOME Tuesdays (Fortnightly)

CT@Home is the name for the house fellowship groups at Croydon Tabernacle, which meets every forthnight on Tuesday evenings. The house fellowship groups are where every member of the church can be reached and catered for personally. It is easier for a church to touch lives of its members in a practical way via small groups like the house fellowship than in a large gathering. House fellowships are a place of comfort, sharing, caring, provision, building friendships, building faith, support and companionship.